In 2024, blockchain will do for identities what Bitcoin did for finance

4 min readJan 9, 2024

What will unfold in 2024?

The innovations rolling out across the industry this year will show that blockchain can do for identity what Bitcoin did for finance. Peer-to-peer transactions allow payments to be made without an intermediary. Peer-to-peer identity verification will enable us to reveal certain facets of our identities without going through a centralized intermediary. A stream of tangible, real-world use cases will highlight how empowering this decentralization is.

One of the first use cases to showcase peer-to-peer verification will be Rarimo’s Organizational Identity dApp. It will launch in Q1 of this year, and enable users to store employment or participation credentials from companies and organizations in their crypto wallets. They will be able to share links that verify the existence of these credentials with other users, on demand, and without needing to route that information through a platform.

The dApp will put an end to the identity fraud hacks sweeping through Web3; no longer will users find their wallets drained after trusting the wrong ‘investor’ or ‘journalist.’ Yet, in a return to the core values of cypherpunk, zero-knowledge technology will make privacy the default and ensure that information is revealed at will and only when necessary. The internet will become safer without reliance on a centralized third -party that can exploit data or censor users.

The Organizational Identity dApp is only one of many peer-to-peer identity verticals that can be built on Rarimo’s infrastructure. A tidal wave of use cases where no personal data is routed through centralized servers is on the horizon.

In 2024, utility, as well as the fun and joy, of applications that make use of Web3 identity will draw in users, but in the process, these applications will do more than entertain us. They will protect and empower us in a way that only user-controlled, decentralized, privacy-preserving infrastructure can.

What will January bring?

January 2024 will be full of Rarimo Updates:

A Mysterious Product We Can’t Yet quite explain: The Rizz Master 3000

  • Rarimo will be building the seducer of all seducers, an AI bot that goes by the title The Rizz Master 3000
  • We promise that all will make sense with time, but for now gather your best rizz resources and prepare your best chat up lines (may we recommend referring to 90’s R’nB’ lyrics and romantic poetry.) We’re going to need them to train the Rizz Master.

Avancing RariMe

  • Ceramic integration
    RariMe, the MetaMask Snap that allows users to store identity credentials, will now be using Ceramic for data storage. Fancy using your account across multiple devices? Concerned you may one day need to recover your account? Fear not, the integration makes both of this possible

Expanding the Proof-of-Humanity plug-in

  • Collab.Land integration
    On January 12th Rarimo will be demoing the Proof-of-Humanity plug-in to the Collab.Land DAO. If the DAO votes it in, Discord communities will be able to gate their servers, or specific channels to humans only. The integration will be great for facilitating bot-free chat, and protecting airdrops.
  • Orange Protocol integration
    Orange Protocol are integrating the plug-in into their reputation studio
  • Kleros integration
    Kleros are becoming the fifth identity provider in the plug-in. Users will now be able to use their Kleros Proof-of-Humanity to gain access to all the dApps and spaces that are gated with the Rarimo PoH plug-in

Mind if we quickly brag about our achievements from 2023?

Rarimo devs built some pretty cool stuff in 2023. Here are the highlights:

  • Building RariMe, a MetaMask Snap
    RariMe allows users to store identity credentials inside their MetaMask.
    It also allows them to generate Zero-Knowledge Proofs for all of their credentials.
  • Building the Proof-of-Humanity plug-in
    This plug-in allows dApps to instantly integrate four identity providers: WorldCoin, Unstoppable Domains, Civic and GitcoinPassport, and provide users options over how they prove their humanity
  • Scaling PolygonID, making their Zero-Knowledge Proofs multi-chain

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