Rarimo’s April Highlights

4 min readMay 10, 2023

Circle’s CCTP Integration Goes Live | The Decentralized Social Layer Comes into Focus | Multi-chain Reputations Take a Step Forward | Play-to-Earn System Delivers Cross-Chain NFT Check Outs

In this newsletter, we dive into some of Rarimo’s April highlights and how they are impacting the broader web3 ecosystem.

- USDC issuer, Circle, integrates their cross-chain transfer protocol (CCTP) with Rarimo to leverage our NFT Checkout Solution and enable users to purchase NFTs with USDC held on any chain
- Paul from Pantera writes about Rarimo’s unique focus on the decentralized social layer and why Pantera are so excited to back Rarimo
- Rarimo integrates with Orange Protocol to enable users to mint multi-chain reputation NFTs
- Play-to-earn gaming system Niten integrates Rarimo’s NFT checkout solution to enable users to buy in-game NFTs using any crypto on any chain

Rarimo x Circle’s CCTP Integration: cross-chain NFT Checkout Solution

On April 26th, Circle launched CCTP, a ground-breaking utility that facilitates USDC transfers between blockchains via native burning and minting. This ushers in a new era of cross-chain liquidity for the stablecoin, and makes an endless range of multi-chain dApps possible. Rarimo, however, wanted to deliver a ready-to-go use-case that delivers instant, tangible benefits for users.

The Rarimo x CCTP integration leverages Rarimo’s NFT Checkout Solution and enables users to purchase NFTs with USDC held on any chain. It has also made it possible for USDC to become a settlement token for NFT purchases with any token on any chain. As always with Rarimo, these cross-chain purchases can be executed with only a single click and for a single fee.

The NFT checkout only scratches the surface of what Rarimo’s CCTP integration can do. Rarimo is currently working on a series of use-cases that combine multi-chain reputations with multi-chain payments to open up new frontiers in decentralized finance.

Find out more in our blog post.

Pantera’s Paul Covers Rarimo & The Decentralized Social Layer

Paul Veradittakit, Pantera Capital’s Managing Partner has written about why he and the rest of the team at Pantera are so excited about Rarimo.

“One of the key features distinguishing them from all other interoperability bridges is their focus on decentralized identities and social. By making metadata retrievable, and by replicating credentials, Rarimo enables Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), NFTs, and other components of on-chain identity to seamlessly travel across chains. Accordingly, we believe that they are well-positioned to bring interoperability to decentralized social layers.”

You can read more about Paul’s thoughts on Rarimo’s architecture, pioneering new use cases, and unique solutions for the interoperability challenge here.

Rarimo integrates with Orange Protocol to enable users to mint multi-chain reputation NFTs

Rarimo teamed up with Orange Protocol to allow users to create Reputation NFTs on multiple chains, giving them the freedom to use their reputation on their preferred chain instead of being confined to a single ecosystem.

The Reputation NFTs will ratify NFT collectors’ and creators’ trading, sales, and ownership history. The partnership reflects Rarimo’s commitment to powering the decentralized social layer as the use of on-chain identities, social graphs, and credentials continues to grow.

Read more about this in the Press Release.

Play-to-earn gaming system Niten integrates Rarimo’s NFT checkout solution

Niten is a gaming ecosystem that aims to bring the metaverse closer to its end state. It is launching Merge Heroes, VR Kemono, and Defi Plant, with interoperable characters that will move between these worlds.

Niten now allows users to buy with their preferred currency and sellers to receive payment in Niten tokens at optimal conversion rates by using Rarimo’s NFT Checkout. These integrations help web3 games and ecosystems by streamlining transactions.

  • A simpler, more cost-effective user experience
  • More in-game commerce
  • Increased liquidity for the native in-game token
  • Heightened appeal for users from different ecosystems

Niten X Rarimo

What Next?

The Rarimo testnet is live and developer applications are growing rapidly. We will be announcing the mainnet launch date shortly.




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