Why Pantera are so excited about Rarimo

2 min readApr 21, 2023


Paul Veradittakit, the Managing Partner at Pantera Capital has written a piece for his blog VeradiVerdict about why he and the rest of the team at Pantera are so excited about Rarimo.

In this piece, he covers:

  • How Rarimo’s architecture makes them uniquely well-positioned to bring interoperability to the decentralized social layer by:
  1. Making metadata retrievable
  2. Enabling the replication of state across chains
  3. Allowing Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), NFTs, and other components of on-chain identity to seamlessly travel across chains.
  • How Rarimo have pioneered new use cases for cross-chain digital assets transfers including:
  • Rarimo’s NFT checkout solution which allows users to buy NFTs using any cryptocurrency on any chain
  • Rarimo’s integration with the issuer of USDC, Circle, and their Circle’s Cross-Chain-Transfer Protocol to enable users to purchase NFTs using USDC held on any chain
  • The problem space and how without Rarimo, cross-chain solutions are non-existent for decentralized identities and costly and time-consuming for digital assets
  • How Rarimo’s architecture enables single-click, single-fee interoperability solutions for an endless range of use-cases
  • The $10M funding round in Rarify Labs, one of Rarimo’s service providers, that Pantera led along with Protocol Labs, Circle, Eniac, Slow, Hyper, and Greycroft

We could not be prouder to have Paul and Pantera’s support.

You can read Paul’s blog piece in full here:





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